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QEP Timeline

To develop the Quality Enhancement Plan, the following timeline was established.

Spring 2017

Determine best approach and timeline for QEP theme selection

Develop QEP website

Meet with constituent groups to introduce QEP

Name QEP Theme Development Team to select theme

Hold Open Forums for widespread participation

Provost sends e-mail soliciting ideas

Accept proposals for QEP themes

QEP Theme Development Team meets regularly to identify criteria for theme selection, narrow themes, and develop summaries of these proposed to Leadership Team

Leadership Team finalizes QEP theme

Summer 2017

Leadership Team names co-chairs for QEP development

President sends email announcing QEP Theme and Co-Chairs

QEP co-chairs attend SACSCOC Summer Institute

Fall 2017

President announces theme at Fall Convocation

QEP Development Task Force established to determine course of action

Research topic including best practices

Spring 2018

QEP Development Task Force named

QEP Development Task Force meets regularly

Develop framework for QEP

Draft background and process sections of QEP report

Define student learning outcomes

Outline written reports

Justify them quantitatively and qualitatively

Determine key initiatives

Summer 2018

QEP Development Team expands as necessary to develop the plan

QEP Planning Groups established to determine course of action

Fall 2018

Consultant visits campus

Refine student learning outcomes

Identify actions to be implemented

Develop assessment plan

Spring 2019

Establish feasible timeline for implementation

Organize for success (personnel and organizational structure)

Identify necessary resources (budget, facilities, and equipment)

Draft QEP document

Summer 2019

Finalize QEP document

Fall 2019

Nominate individuals to serve on On-Site Review Team

Vet and prepare product versions of the QEP document

Prepare print and electronic copies of the QEP document

Spring 2020

Submit QEP for review six weeks prior to scheduled on-site visit
On-Site Review (2020)

Market QEP to campus constituents

Prepare for On-Site Review

Provost sends reminder to university community

President sends reminder to university community  

Summer 2020

Draft and vet follow-up report for QEP, if necessary

December 2020

Receive reaffirmation of Accreditation and Approval of QEP at SACSCOC Annual Meeting

Submit follow-up report for QEP, if necessary

Spring 2021

Begin implementation of plan

Spring 2026

Submit Impact Report