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QEP Possible Themes

The QEP Team reduced the list of topics proposed by constituents to four possible themes.  Brief summaries of each of the four proposed themes were developed by subgroups of the QEP Theme Development Team.


Star Quality Skills: Developing Written, Oral, and Digital Communication Skills for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

     Leader:  Michael Burns

     Team Members:  BIll Chittenden, Adam Clark, Susan Day, Michael Nava,

Bobcats without Borders: Internationalization/Global Awareness  

     Leader:  Heather Galloway

     Team Members:  Kelly Gourluck, Dan Perry, Alex White

Students Building Skills through Research, Inquiry, and Creative Expression

     Leader:  Michael Blanda

     Team Members:  Darryl Borgonah, Dede Gonzales, Eric Paulson,

Student Health and Wellness – How We Can Improve Student Well-being

     Leader:  Barb Sanders

     Team Members: Norma Gaier, Greg Passty, Donna Vandiver, Dana Willett